As the level of crimes within and out of the USA keeps increasing day by the, it is always advisable to know how to legally own a gun or any firearm. However, the government through the help of other stakeholders has been putting in the best efforts to sensitize the community on gun laws and how different states address the issue of individuals owning firearms.

As gun dealers that we are, we take it as part of our responsibility to sensitive and enlighten our clients and any other person who may come across our website on the principles of responsible behaviour with the firearms they purchase. How to legally own a gun is a question which has been answered, this is evident in publications by the various states or countries. That notwithstanding, we will like to highlight a few things you need in order to legally own a gun in the USA, you can go ahead and check on the laws in your country if you are from outside the USA.

  • All citizens in good sanity, 21 years or above and not under intoxication has the right to buy and own a firearm in the USA.
  • Make sure you buy your gun or firearm from an ATF licenced gun dealer.

These are not all you will need to be eligible to own a gun in the USA, you can follow this link to read and know more about the topic (how to legally own a gun) before buying your gun.

To every law, there is always an exception, by this statement we wish to inform all our customers and prospects that if for any reason you see or think that acquiring a firearm in your state is impossible, you can always talk to our customer’s service and a perfect way will be devised on how to deliver your consignment safely with no traces.

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