What’s the Difference Between a Pistol and a Revolver?

TLDR: Pistols are handguns with one or more stationary chambers. Revolvers are handguns that use multiple rotating chambers. Don’t use them interchangeably. Aaaaaand I can already hear my inbox filling up after posting the TLDR up top. But before you fire off a sternly worded letter through the contact form, give me a chance to explain. Revolvers […]

Gun laws by states in USA

The purchase and use of firearms in the US is a practice seen by many as normal and as an easy method of self-defense against enemy attacks, as a means of your own protection, you should choose the best gun dealers like smart gun deals as we will make available fast and reliable delivery to […]


As the level of crimes within and out of the USA keeps increasing day by the, it is always advisable to know how to legally own a gun or any firearm. However, the government through the help of other stakeholders has been putting in the best efforts to sensitize the community on gun laws and how different states address […]